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About us

    Shanghai LiangShi Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd.:Founded in September,2007, the factory is located in The 9th floor, A3 Suite, Greenland Future Center, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China. The registered capital is 10 million RMB.

    Wuhu Liangshi Machinery Techonlogy Co.,Ltd.: Founded in December, 2010, jinling factory is located in No.1 Jinling Road,Suncun industrial Zone,Fanchang District ,Wuhu City,Anhui Province,China. It covers an area of 13500 ,Lishan factory is located in No.6 lichang Road, suncun Industrial Zone, Fanchang District,Wuhu City ,it covers an area of 33300, the registered capital is 10 million RMB. The company has the right to import and export independently.

    The company is combined with professional design , production, sales and services, Liangshi provides concentrated melting furnace ,regenerative reflective melting furnace, single melting and holding furnace, immersion plate type electric holding furnace, electric and gas holding furnace, tilting melting crucible furnace , binary revolve melting and holding crucible furnace, scrap aluminum melting  furnace, low pressure electric holding furnace , electromagnetic induction melting and holding furnace, aluminum dross separator, transfer ladle and heater vacuum transfer ladle, degassing refining dusting machine and different heat treatment furnaces, as well as other related auxilibiary equipments for the application of nonferrous alloy die casting, gravity casting, sand casting, and so on.

    The company obtained GB/T19001-2015 idt ISO9001:2015 International Quality System Certification. The Chinese name "Lianshi" was registered by the State Trademark Bureau in 2011. In order to provide berrer service to our customers , we have sales and after sales service divisions located in Shenyan, Jinan, Whu, Wuxi, Taizhou, Shanghai, Ninghai, Ningbo, Jinhua, Dongguan, Chongqing, Yichang and other area, and have been exporting to different areas in Europe, North America,Asia, Africa and Latin America. Now there are 5300equipments normal operation around the world.

    Customer Distribution Area: automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, aerospace, lockset, luminaire,power tools, office furniture, communication and related industry.

    Business Philosophy:  intergrity, innovation, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent manufacture,  quality, service, customer-orientation.

    Enterprise Objective: to be professional manufacturer of making the best cost-effective, energy-efficient, environment-friendly smelting of nonferrous metals and auxiliary professional equipment.

    Customers: Shanghai Huayu, Shanghai Sofima, Shanghai Precise,  Anhui Yongmaotai, Anhui Deli, Wuhu Dongda, Wuhu Aidisi, Henan Xipump, Henan Yinglite,  Nanjin Jincheng, Yangzhou Shengsaisi, Nanjing Yunhai, Wuxi Jintuo, Suzhou MKCAS, Tianjin Walbro, Tianjin Yile, Yantai Haofang, Qingdao Banghe, Linyi Zhaohua, Zouping Tiansheng, Ningbo Ruili, Ningbo Tuopu, Zhejiang Xintao,Hubei Huayang,Wuhan Fangu,Jingzhou JInglong,  Sichuan Changhong, Sigma Group, Yunnan Feiyang, Siping Xianlu, Fawer of FAW, Tieling Tianhe,  Shenyang Fuzhun, Dalian Tianxiang、Jiangxi Jinjian、Fuzhou Juquan,Dongguan Jiansheng and so on.




Contact: Liang Hu.Luo

Phone: 13965158525,13061676861

Tel: 0553-7771899

Email: liangshi_wuhu@163.com

Add: No.1 Jinling Road,Suncun industrial Zone,Fanchang District ,Wuhu,China

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