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LSE series electric holding furnace(non-curcible design)

LSE series electric holding furnace(non-curcible design)

○Non-crucible design, energy-efficient,environment-friendly.

○Using high-alumina anti-penetration refractory materials, the furnace lining last longer than 3 years.

○Using micro porous nano insulation board and aluminum fiber heat insulating material, ensure low temperature rise of the furnace wall.

○Using low surface load burner, increase lifetime of the burner.

○Using Japanese brand and American brand temperature controller and meter, ensure quality stability and longer lifetime.

○Using industrial rapid connector as the socket, and the furnace cover can be changed quickly, thus working efficiency is imporved.

○Using Taiwan brand controllable silicon (PID control), temperature control accuracy is around + 3°C.

○Furnace cover is equipped with cylinder device, which is convenient for slag removal operation.

○The temperature of liquid aluminum and furnace atmosphere are both under control, so as to improve the accuracy of aluminum temperature control and reduce energy consumption.

○Using silicon Nitride thermocouple protection tube for liquid aluminum, avoid iron contamination and ensure longer lifetime.

○Furnace Type:Rectangular type, Suqare type, L- type.

○Heating method: electric resistance wire or silicon carbide rod(optional).


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