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LSN G as or O il Fired C rucible M elting and H olding Furnace(crucible)

LSN series gas or oil fired melting and holding crucible furnace

★This furnace is designed for melting and holding of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy;

★Using integral molding of refractory bricks or high temperature resistant castable material,

ensure longer lifetime of the furnace lining;

★Using aluminum fiber heat insulating material, ensure average temperature of the furnace

wall is low;

★The temperature of liquid aluminum and furnace atmosphere are both under control, so as

to improve the accuracy of aluminum temperature control and reduce energy consumption;

★Melting capacity: 35KG-500KG/H ( crucible capacity for liquid aluminum is 100KG-1500KG);

★Heating method: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas or 0# diesel (optional);

★Combustion mode: Italian Baltur brand burner or nozzle heat exchanger.


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