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LSS series aluminum dross separator(fried gray machine)

LSS series aluminum dross separator(fried gray machine)

○Aluminum slag separator is designed and manufactured according to our customer's production demand. This device can be applied to aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die casting, sand casting, gravity casting, as well as non-ferrous metal metallurgical plant.This device is used to separate aluminum slag and zinc slag from centralized melting furnace and holding furnace during production, and reduce aluminum contentin aluminum slag from 40-60% to les than 5%. It is a material-saving, energy-saving, and environment-friendly device.

Handling instruction

○Switch on the electric power and the "Stop button" lights up.

○ Check if the bottom of the pot and the pot barrel are locked, inserted the safety pin into the lifting rod of the  blender. Add a little lubricating oil between the blender and the bearing every day before use.

○Put the liquid aluminum collecting mode or collecting barrel(dry or peheated) at the bottom of the machine.

○Push the "start button" to start running before heating up, and then add a small amount of ash to mix and preheat for about three minutes(preheat during the first usage, and no preheating needed later on).

○Add some ash, and the maximum amount should be less than 4/5 of the crucible height(Note: the ash temperature should be higher than 800°C,otherwise the separation effect cannot be achieved).

○After filled up with aluminum slags, open the safety pin every 2-3 minutes, and discharge aluminum 3-4 times after 8-10 minutes of stirring (no aluminum coming out during the last discharge). The machine can be shut down when the aluminum and zinc dross turn into powder inside the blender.

○After all the liquid aluminum has been discharged, pull out the aluminum ingot collecting mode with a hook, and put it into the ash collecting tray. Raise the unlocking handle and open the bottom of the pot, with a shovel. Clean up the ash with a shovel. Clean up the ash with a shovel.

○Reset the bottom of the pot with a hook, and raise the locking handle and blender when hooking up the bottom of the pot. Lock the hand shank and insert the safety pin inside the lifting rod after the bottom of the pot is reset.

○Repeat the procedures mentioned above during the next run.

○Note: before adding in aluminum slag, do not add hard objects such as refractory bricks or coke with diameter of more than 20mm inside the blender, in order toavoid fracture of the blender.

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